Spring Into Snapchat

Hello everyone!!!!

Happy Spring!!

The app of spring has been decided!  The app of spring is (drumroll)……Snapchat! So..what is snapchat? A good way to put it is instagram and texting combined. You can send snaps to individuals friends, not just pictures but  videos too. You can add text and even draw on your pictures and videos. Every person has a story on snapchat that can be updated with any picture or video you post, that only your frinds can see. Snapchat is my new favorite app for the following reasons:

****You can talk with your friends whenever you want-with pictures!!

****It is safe, no weirdo can acess any of your pictures.

****It’s simple and fun!



Snapchat example


Snapchat homepage




Comment below please:

Do you have snapchat?

If so do you like it?

If not you should get it~it’s FREE


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Now that We’ve Started..

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you all have had a supercaifragilisticexpialidocious start of the school year! First off, I would like to apologize about the absence of posts. I think we can all agree that the start of the year has been extremely busy.

Most of us have many different opinions about the start of the school year. Some people love the new clothes, pencils and such, and has no problem getting in to the swing of things. Others like to get used to the year as it goes on. There are more things to get excited about though than just school (obviously). There are the start of sports teams and other extra curricular activities. Now head on into the season of fall we have Halloween coming up and later Thanksgiving. (I don’t dare say Christmas..too soon 🙂 ) I for one loooove the fall season because of the gorgeous nature scenes all around us. The colorful leaves blended in with the blue  skies and blazing sunlight is just perfect. My advise to you all is to enjoy the season of fall while it’s here because it won’t be here forever..hint…hint..Christmas!

Fall Sports



Anyway now that we’ve started;

What is your favorite part of the start of the year?

Comment below 🙂

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App of the Summer!!!

Candy Crush

Yes indeed, Candy Crush is the app of the summer! Usually I would do app of the month, but really summer feels like one week if you think about it. I’m sure there are not many of you that haven’t heard of this game.

Candy Crush is deliciously fun, and quite simple. All you have to do is; on a board of mixed up candies swipe different ones to match three of the same candy. Of course to get more points you match 4, 5, etc. of the same candy. But, there is a little more to it than that.

With over 300 hundred levels (more in the full version) and limited lives to play with, Candy Crush isn’t exactly easy. That’s part of why it’s so addictive. You also get different boosts along the way to help with particularly challenging levels, and of course you can compete with friends on facebook. Want to know a super special secret? In the free version, you only get 5 lives. After a cretain amount of days, you get more lives. All you have to do is go to settings and change back the date.

In conclusion Candy Crush, is ALMOST as addicting as the real thing! 🙂


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Goodbye Dennett, Hello Middle School (But First, Summer)

The time has come to leave Dennett Elementary. This means saying goodbye to my friends, the small community, all my incredible teachers and of course the one and only Mr. Avery! At first I felt horrible to go to middle school and leave Dennett behind. Also, I found out that I was in the team rumored to be the worst. But after step up day, everything changed.

On step up day we got to go to the middle school and get a mini tour-this includes meeting our teachers. I loved all the teachers I met, and I was surprised to see that moving around from class to class is easy! Also my team, (7-3) was the only ones who got goody bags! Anyway, now I can’t wait for middle school, and the opportunities that it brings!

But for now we 6 graders are having the time of our lives. Between field trips, beach parties, the neon dance and cookout, we hardly have time to dwell on things like leaving Dennett. However as our last day approaches getting closer and closer, it starts to dawn on you that we really are leaving, and going to the middle school. My thanks goes out to Mr. Avery, Miss Girard, Mr V (my principal) all my friends and the other amazing teachers that have helped me get where I am today.



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Choices, choices

We all have a favorite song, or favorite band. What I love about music is that there is something for every personality! If you like more modern music, or like music from way back when it doesn’t matter. Music is for every one.

  Elton John was one of the most popular and talented music  stars out there. He still is popular today with his songs “Saturday Nights Alright” and “Crocodile Rock”

               If you like country, you love Carrie Underwood. She likes to mix country and pop!

Coldplay is my favorite band, my favorite song of theirs is “Viva La Vida”

Phillip Phillips, recent American Idol winner, now has a hugely popular album. His song “Gone, gone, gone” and “Home” are in top charts.

What is your favorite song?????

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Remembering on Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day mean to you? It could mean parades, fun and a day off from school. But that’s not what it’s all about. Memorial Day remembers all the men and women that died for us in the U.S. Military!

That is why at our school the sixth graders write an essay on what Memorial Day means to us. There is a contest, and if you win, you read it aloud at the Memorial Day ceremony. Also, there is an option of memorizing poems based on Memorial Day. Again if you’re recitation gets picked out of the entire grade you get to say it in front of the people at the Memorial Day ceremony. The poem is “Flanders Field”. 

  Hope to see you there!


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A Little Change

Hello fellow bloggers/visitors! As you can tell by the title, there is going to be a small change on the blog. Instead of app of the week there is now going to be an app of the month! I found if I did a post about apps every week I wouldn’t have time for any other posts. The app for the month of May will be coming soon so stay tuned!!!

Do you have any other suggestions for this blog?

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I Wanna Go To Friendly’s!!!

Ever heard of that catchy tune? If you have than you know that it comes from the resturaunt with the most delicious food and most mouth watering icecream!!! Dating back to 1935, Friendly’s has been bringing smiles to all who taste their food and ice cream for decades!


Thirsty? Friendly’s has every soda or juice you could think of! They even have their own special drinks and smoothies! You better come to this place hungry, because their menu options are incredible. If you are ordering from the kids menu, you don’t have to feel deprived since they have a level one (for little kids) and a level two for older kids. As they say ice cream really does make the meal at Friendly’s! I couldn’t even begin to describe all the amazing choices for their icecream. They have a make your own sundae (with up to 5 scoops), all different types of sundaes (bannana split, hot fundge, clown head) and if you want something simple (but still delicious) you can get a flavor with all the
toppings you want.


I have been going to Friendly’s since I was little and it still remains my favorite restauraunt. I even go on all my Birthdays! The truth about Friendly’s? It’s the best restauraunt ever!


Have you ever been to friendly’s?

Do you like it?

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Instagram Craze!

Now it’s time for app of the week! This week’s app of the week is Instagram!!! Do you have tons of pictures you want to share with your friends? Then Instagram is for you! It all starts when you sign up for FREE! You can access any photos from your albums, Instagram has a special photo editing station where you can make average photos look professional. You can follow as much people as you want, meaning when they post pictures you always get to  see them. You can make your own Instagram private, so only people you accept can follow you. On others photos you can like it by double tapping, and/or comment on it. Instagram is a much better and safer version of Facebook. To me it is addicting and a great way to connect with your friends!




Do you have an Instagram?

Do you think it’s a good idea?

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You read them at school as your lesson. Boring right? But maybe you take a second look, maybe it’s not so boring after all.

Poetry goes way back, don’t worry I won’t get to much into history! But the point is, it still remains popular today, (maybe not as much amonst kids). Poetry can be anything. It can be educational, mysterious, peaceful, and even humorous. There are many different types of people, so the many kinds of poetry matches perfectly with it. Personally, I love writing poetry. It’s not long like a story so you can just jot it down quickly. Also, I feel writing speaks more in poetry instead of in long compostitions. Many famous quotes and sayings come from poetry. Also, poetry helps you get a better look at something. For example, a summer day. Maybe you thought it was hot and sticky, but a poem could help you look at the bright side of things. I find that writing poetry helps relieve different emotions. Try writing your own poems, remember April is national poetry month!


Here is an example of a poem I wrote: 

My life is a voyage

On and on I sail

Clouds roll in

the storm rips through my heart

We hang on and on

My life is a voyage

The pleasant days are happy

Kind words flowing my way is the sun on my skin

On and on I sail

It clicks in my mind

This is my place

My life is a voyage

On and on I sail, forever and ever




Do you like poetry?

Did you like my poem?





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